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Quality Assurance

The quality assurance originates from Yaret's advanced production and inspection equipments, strong technological strength as well as its strict quality management system and improved quality check methods. The company has already been ISO9001 approved by TUV, Germany.furthermore,The company brags about professional technological research and development center and quality control center together with a team of experts and specialists who are experienced in quality management and technological innovation. The company always attaches great importance to business integrity and quality guarantee during both domestic and international business activities, therefore winning over universal trust and confidence among its clients both at home and abroad.
ISO9001:2000Quality Management System
The company has already been ISO9001 approved by TUV, Germany,and strict according to this system to manage all the produce.
Inspection Center
The company relies on a series of sophisticated inspection equipments for aluminium composite panels as well as first-class inspection approaches to carry out strict superivision and inspection on various performances so as to ensure optimal quality and performances. Especially with regards to 180°peeling strength, salt-fog resistance as well as ultraviolet resistance and anti-aging performance of aluminium-plastic panels, inspection equipments of world-leading technologies have been employed to make sure these performances of the products are up to an internationally advanced standard.

Coating solvent resistance test

Detection of impact resistance coating Coating adhesion test

Detection gloss coating

Heat water testing

Flexibility test



Coat ultra violet radiation aging test

 Pencil hardness test the surface

Detection of calcium



Detection of impact resistance coating Melt flow rate of detection of PE materials

PE material moisture detection



Salt Spray Resistance aging test

Detection of thermal expansion coefficient

Visual colorimetric test