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The company has imported international advanced coating line, the device length of 130 meters, 480 meters long shelf aluminum foil, can be super-wide (1.8m above), multi-thickness (0.10-0.80mm), double-coated double-baked, non-stop for volume painting operations. Precision steel roller roller way to make aluminum surface coating with good gloss, adhesion and corrosion resistance, surface quality to the domestic leading level; constant tension, frequency control and the combination of man-machine interface technologies such as the application of the coating good control of thickness and quality; oven five segment control can be realized baking section or the whole, so that the coating solvent resistance, hardness, flexibility are at their best.

The company introduced the world's leading technology import PE composite line. Equipment using a touch screen computer intelligent control system, automatic ash removal system, smoke and other advanced technology to achieve high accuracy (accuracy of ± 0.5mm), high-quality, ultra-wide (width is 1.8m or more) and high environmental composite production. Out of the host system reached 1200kg / h, and has strong adaptability of PE materials, the market gets more competitive. Advanced equipment, perfect technology and strict quality control to meet the aluminum panels, nano-aluminum plate, drawing board, fire board, titanium zinc, titanium, stainless steel and other high alloy clad plate production.