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The journey of three decades cast great cause

—Yaret Group Company Chairman and President Chen Kangfu business stories

December 18, 1978, our party of great historical significance of the Third Plenary Session opened in Beijing. Since then, opened a new historical period of China's reform and opening up. This year is the thirtieth anniversary of reform and opening up 30 years through the clutter and break the siege; 30 years after the storm, to create brilliant; 30 years of radical economic development and social progress, modernization of the Chinese nation will surely lift care dream of a century!

Yaret Group chairman and party secretary Chen Kangfu comrades witnessed 30 years of reform and opening up the ideological emancipation and hard practice. When we talk about this topic, his emotions, passions leap. "Development is the last word" is deeply rooted in my heart, when it comes to how to develop the company, he said with confidence: "serve the country aiming at industrial unswervingly adhere to the economic, social responsibility, face it." This is his country to the party to a solemn commitment to the people. Comrade Chen Kangfu recorded here to join the reform and opening up bit by bit, so dedicated to the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up!

Chen Kangfu Yatai Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Department of chairman and president, branch secretary. Vice President of Shanghai Enterprise Confederation. For many years as industrial systems, Yueqing City, advanced individual; Yueqing City, an outstanding member; was elected the eighth Yueqing City People's Congress. Shanghai won hundreds of awards outstanding enterprises; Shanghai Grand Prize hundred enterprises; the Shanghai City of Golden Key Award for hope that the economy; First Chinese "Double Excellence" private entrepreneurs; June 2008 by the Organization Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Shanghai Municipal Social Shanghai Municipal Party Committee awarded the work of "two new" organizations, the title of outstanding party members; in July the same year was rated as excellent, Songjiang, Shanghai Communist Party Committee. Songjiang District, Shanghai, the company has been rated as "harmonious labor relations model", the party branch was named "five-good party," was named the league branch of the "Red Flag mission organization."

Chen Kangfu Comrade Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Party under the banner of reform and opening-up policy, training organizations at all levels of private entrepreneurs to grow up. He is the "trial and error," the pioneer, but also the "Three Represents" and the faithful implementation of the scientific development concept and practitioners. He worked as an apprentice, worked as coolies, long-term economic development in the party and the country's first line, he always believed, hold high the banner of the party's reform and opening up, with a strong concept of political responsibility and social responsibility. He lead the masses to persist in taking economic construction as the central concept of scientific development, to lead the team from scratch, from small to large. In recent years, the company has grown in strength, from humble single manufacturing sector, rapid expansion of the set of aluminum composite panel industry, potash, iron ore, coal and other diversified business group. In planning for the next person of Comrade Chen Kangfu, on Haiya Tai Group Party, workers, groups, women organizations, sound effect is obvious. In recent years the company has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits for the country's economic development and increasing employment opportunities and building a harmonious society has made an important contribution, the resident government at all levels and the masses of high praise and recognition.

By "three thousand spirit," bold "feeling the stones"

August 1975, Comrade Chen Kangfu light town "Seven" After high school, he began to learn carpentry, the normal one year to the disciples, and he became the ingenuity of six months, the village carpenter village is quite well known master. "There are no worries about poor Art", to smash the "Gang of Four", the Chen Kangfu comrades braved all the risks, not afraid of thousands of miles, embarked on a pioneering journey. He struggled hard for nearly 10 years, as the country's ever-changing political environment, Chen Kangfu found that "work" the word difficult to succeed, it should be in business, he was selected as a development south of Yinchuan this Saibei foundation, management and wood-related decorative wood, glue, hardware and other products. The end of 1987, with painstaking efforts over the years built up a good reputation, he began looking for the site in the Ningxia autonomous region, concentric concentric County furniture factory - a large collective enterprises, the State Second Light by his contract down. The integrity of management, just a short time, then fame of concentric furniture factory, and even Yinchuan and Hohhot there are people to order furniture.

  During the ten years, Chen Kangfu dig back to 20 million. This figure now appears to be very small, but at the time, 20 million households, or a handful.

Painstaking creation of Foundation
“Mother thousands of sewing, wandering clothing. " Away from home for many years, the idea of a home to serve the increasingly strong in the Chen Kangfu heart. The end of 1991, Chen Kangfu back home, a partnership founded by a few relatives and friends happy, Yueqing City, Alcoa mill has finally listed the song. As the product marketable, the order could be overwhelmed. In order to find new economic growth point business, he took the lead in the earliest development and production of PVC foam sheet as the substrate to the aluminum panels, and access to national patent. Chen Kangfu grasping the production side, while personally led the staff go out to explore the market, only 2 years, the company achieved a big leap of capital accumulation. At this point, the make is also linked to the provincial licensing: Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Gifford. In 1997, the market research he, bold beech plywood imported from Western Europe, production, and 60 million annual salary was highest in the country to hire Taiwanese engineers leading wood production. Beech plywood production, resulting in a very good social benefits, the company employed up to 600 people. In 1998, strong sales of aluminum plate began, "devised strategies, winning thousands of miles away," Chen Kangfu immediately and decisively additional PVC foam sheet production line 3, in just three months, digging through the multi-channel technology, Please people, so that the normal horse PVC foam board, impressive pace of development. Among these, the crystallization of Comrade Chen Kangfu how much effort Oh! It is this effort, in exchange for the enterprise sparkling Honor: Wenzhou key township enterprises, agricultural enterprises in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the "three excellent" companies, Yueqing City hundred taxpayer, gold customers ... ..., he Yueqing himself elected to the Eighth People's Congress.
Hold high the banner of the development of great songs to sing Yong forefront

 New era, new development. In 1999, he gave up the Zhejiang Gifford Decorative Materials Co., Ltd., as long as one-fifth of that should be holding - 200 million to advance together with several colleagues in Shanghai, to achieve the "second pioneering."

  December 1999, on Haiya Tai Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Jiading "Hope Economic City" was founded. In a year's time, "Yatai" quickly hit the independent brand awareness, product marketing Jiuzhou. Since its establishment, has won hundreds of outstanding enterprises in Shanghai, Shanghai hopes to Economic City Golden Key Award, several hundred enterprises Grand Prize awards etc.; Chen Kangfu was elected in 2002 as the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce vice president of the sixth Zhejiang In 2004, China was awarded the first "Double Excellence" private entrepreneurs.

  “Development is the last word, "the end of 2004, Comrade Chen Kangfu expanded reproduction, resolutely decided to companies from the city of Shanghai Jiading hope that the economy moved to Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Zone, Hai Yatai Decoration Material Co., Ltd. will expand on the upper Hai Yatai Industry Group Limited. After the market economy tempered, Chen Kangfu comrades and his team to achieve the intended goal of the second business.

Resource Development in Western China to advance a new leap forward

  October 2005 Plenum of the party's national economic and social development through the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" after the promulgation of Comrade Chen Kangfu deeply appreciate that, business is always open-ended, keep stalls, there is no way out, Ebb Tide , behind. His resolute decision to adjust the group's economic development strategy, the implementation of the third venture across. He responded positively to the party and the country's western development to the call of investment resources in the development of Xinjiang, the country has registered the Xinjiang border Yatai Chemical Co., Ltd. (production of potash), Yatai Building Material Co., Ltd. of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Ya Days Mining Limited (Fe ore), Xinjiang Shengtai Xin source Mines Ltd. (iron ore), in the interests of Xinjiang Hengtai Mining Limited (Coal Mine) and other five subsidiaries. 朗读显示对应的拉丁字符的拼音字典 - 查看字典详细内容

 The vast Gobi, never forget September 17, 2008, Yatai Yatai Group Co., Ltd. Xinjiang 20 million tons annual output of potash fertilizer project was formally put into production won the first battle. Deputy party secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the regional government of Comrade Yang Gang, executive vice chairman, party secretary of Xinjiang Tacheng Comrade Peng Jiarui, Tacheng to deputy secretary of the Administrative Office of the Commissioner and the region cities and counties Manning gay leaders attended a grand ceremony production.

  "Wenzhou model" of people's eyes Yueqing, Yueqing's courage, hard work on the Hai Yatai Group, the spirit of frontier of the motherland to become his brother's wife, the major media, always headlines. CPC Central Committee, secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee Wang Lequan and regional government leaders has been to Yatai Group subsidiary inspection, Wang Lequan, secretary of Chen Kangfu comrades and his team to think, daring to do, dare, dare to order highly of entrepreneurship.

  Comrade Chen Kangfu a successful career, but he "serve the country aiming at industrial unswervingly adhere to the economic, social responsibility, face it," business philosophy, in Shanghai, in the Xinjiang Party committees and governments at all levels have been highly praised. In recent years, he has for the poor western regions, rural home building, the resident school children of migrant workers, the Hope Project, Sichuan earthquake donations of more than 200 million, he long-term support old revolutionary base in Jiangxi two children of poor families, all from high school to college tuition. Comrade Chen Kangfu a strong sense of social responsibility the company has been the staff and the people praised the intersection.

  Leap in the number of passion, how many ups and downs; victory and failure go hand in hand, accompanied by joy and sweat. Comrade Chen Kangfu here to join the record only the tide of reform and opening up bit by bit, Yatai Industrial Group is constantly extending the road business, with Comrade Chen Kangfu own words: it is necessary to sum up the development experience, but also seen in action. Business, endless, not stagnation, only forward! Go!